image004We have a new challenge which we will be launching a our AGM where we will be trying to get more adult help into the group. Presently we provide activities for approximately 90 young people each week, and we, the 14 Leaders also have a great deal of fun and entertainment. However we all have jobs as well and sometimes are very stretched trying to provide Adventure for our group.

We would like to encourage you all to think whether you might have time to take a role helping within the group and will be presenting the FOUR WEEK CHALLENGE Click to View Our Poster. Presently we have enough youngsters on our waiting list to start three new sections, we potentially have the space in the hut but not enough Leaders. We hope that you will come and talk to us and find out why we Scout, and how we became involved.

However we realise that some of you may only have time to help once a month, 2 months, or even once a year. Over the past terms we have enjoyed the company of experts, enthusiasts and professionals who have kindly given us an hour or so of their time to engage and enthuse our Young People. Do you have a skill or hobby or job to share with us? We also need help with the practical things involved in running a Scout Group. For example drivers, help with outings, hut maintenance and cleaning.

Please do consider joining the Adventure and we look forward to seeing you at the AGM,


Best Wishes,

Sian (AGSL) and the Leadership team