The Great Escape

“The Great Escape”… Back in Novemeber, the Young Leaders took charge of an evening with the Cub Pack and decided to test the Cubs creative skills by doing stop start animation. This involves the Cubs moving objects very slighly and then taking a picture after each movement. Once that is done, all the photos are […]

Wellbeing and Resilience

On the 7th February the Cubs had a special guest, Liz Scott, who taught the Cubs about wellbeing and resilience. She led a few exercises with them on what resilience is and the factors that deteriorate resilience. The night’s activities was some different for the Cubs and gave them a different way of thinking as […]

Really Useful Night at Cubs

Last week the Cubs had a hands on experience with various “really useful” skills. With the help from a couple of parent volunteers alongside the Cub Leaders the Cubs were able to put on plasters, change a light bulb, put batteries into torches, lighting candles, sewing on buttons and several more experiences. The experiences which […]

Night At Beamish 2018

Last weekend brought an adventure for our Beavers and Cubs at Beamish. On Saturday morning we got on our first tram ride down to the town then we saw lots of exciting shops, some businesses and of course the sweet shop. Some of our Beavers were even luckily enough to see some sweets being made and try […]

Cubboree – 22nd/24th June 2018

Last weekend (22-24 June), 20 intrepid Cub Scouts joined 800-1000 other Cubs from County Durham for the biennial Cubboree at Moor House Adventure Centre. As they arrived on the Friday night, they were asked where they came from. Without skipping a beat, they replied that they were the 1st Africa Pack, much to the bewilderment of […]

Cub Camp 23rd – 25th Feb 2018

Weigh anchor for Cub camp! 20 Cubs set sail on West Hall Scout camp for a weekend of nautical based fun. We visited Souter lighthouse and played plenty of wide-games, learned semaphore and having made land fall on Sunday cooked toasted cheese sandwiches on the fires made by indigenous peoples (aka the Young Leaders) Throughout […]