2019 marks the year of the Pig and the Cubs decided to celebrate this occasion in style…

Traditionally there is a lion dance which takes place on this special day. The Lion dance mimic’s a lion’s movement in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune. To begin the Cubs were split into their sixes and had a go at doing this traditional dance. The Cubs used a foam ball to represent the head of the Lion. They had lots of fun dancing around the hut and working as a pack to mimic a lion’s movement.

Then after all that moving about the Cubs made some dragon puppets and models out of various materials. Even the Leaders got invovled and made a dragon head which ended up in the whole Cub pack in a long Dragon Dance.

To finish off the evening, the Cubs tried some Chinese snacks using chopsticks and each Cub left with a red envelope containing a lucky coin.

See the link HERE for the photos from the evening