On the first weekend in March, 19NX Cubs became spies in training at West Hall, where they went for their annual indoor pre-spring camp. They discovered their mission for the weekend through a series of code breaker tasks on the Friday night. 

After a hearty breakfast on Saturday morning, the spy trainees made packed lunches and prepared for a day of activities. Their mission was to find the secrets of the lighthouse. On the way, they stopped at the playground to look for clues. The route to Souter Lighthouse saw trainee spies hiking along the cliffs at Whitburn. The sun came out at that moment, making the landscape very dramatic. Packed lunch at the lighthouse was a bit rushed as the Cub Leaders turned Spy Trainers could see heavy rains approaching, a sheet of rain making a clear line on the water as it approached the lighthouse. Cubs ran into the lighthouse just in time to escape being drenched. Other visitors to the Lighthouse weren’t as lucky. The afternoon was spent exploring Souter Lighthouse. Small groups took it in turns to visit the lens array at the top of the lighthouse. The knowledgeable staff and volunteers kept the spy trainees rapt with their stories and fun facts.

Even though the rain had abated, the walk back to HQ (West Hall) wasn’t completely dry. On arrival at HQ, Hathi was waiting with biscuits and warm squash. 

In the early evening, Secret Agent Tom and Director Slimer made a visit to West Hall. Secret Agent Tom turned the lounge into an escape room which the trainee spies had to solve. After successfully completing their mission, they chopped vegetables in preparation for dinner. Despite the wet afternoon, Jacala was able to light a fire and Bagheera led a rousing campfire. By then the skies had completely cleared and the spy trainees were able to do some star gazing and identify constellations.

The final day their training weekend wrapped up with some survival skills – fire lighting and camp cooking. The spy trainees made toasties, some of which were burned beyond recognition, but as it was the last meal before going back home, they didn’t mind too much. Team Diamond won the best team award for collecting the most “gems” over the weekend, and several individual spy prizes were awarded, too. Raksha declared that it was a successful camp as friendships were strengthened, time was spent in the great outdoors, camp memories were made, and Cubs learned skills for life.