We are planning to attend Kander100 in the summer of 2023 at Kandersteg, Switzerland.
Kander100 is a once-in-a-lifetime Jamboree for young people from around the world and is the highlight of the KISC Centenary celebrations; a Jamboree bringing together Scouts and Guides from many countries and regions in the heart of the Swiss Alps.We will inspire, challenge, and educate young people through high adventure, international friendship, and sustainable development. The Jamboree will take place over 12 days, from 27th July to 8th August 2023.In a world faced with critical challenges, Kander100 will show the world what is possible when young people live and work together without borders.Participants will choose between a wide range of activities, including hiking in the alps, local cultural experiences, social cafés, educational workshops and much more! All of this will make for the most memorable event at the site where Baden Powell started his dream. All the activities aim to be fun, safe and educational for everyone, making sure that there is a diverse and inclusive programme.