Have you got what it takes?






SANCTUARY is a serious wide game pitching Scouts and Explorers against their Leaders in a battle of cunning and stealth.

Teams of Fugitives (Scouts & Explorers) will be taken by bus to a secret location. Once released they have 8 hours to navigate their way back to the finish to claim SANCTUARY.

Each team has 10 lives, and an hour later the Catchers (Leaders) will be let loose, to try and catch the Fugitives before they can claim SANCTUARY…



Fugitive Teams

  • Teams must consist of between 4 and 7 people
  • There are 4 classes of team:
    • Scout+1 team = between 4 and 6 Scouts (under 14.5 on day of event)+ 1 Explorer/Leader/helper
    • Scout team = between 4 and 7 Scouts (all under 14.5 on day of event)
    • Explorer team = between 4 and 7 Explorers (may also include older Scouts – all under 18 on day of event)
    • Open teams which do not fit in any of the above categories will be allowed and ranked but will not be eligible for a trophy


  • At registration each participant will be given a reflective armband which must be worn at all times throughout the event. Lost armbands not returned at the end of the event will be changed for at cost (£2).
  • Each Team will be given a life card with 10 lives. Loss (or mutilation) of the life card will mean the Team will forfeit all their lives.
  • Teams are required to provide the name of a nominated team leader who will take responsibility for the actions of the group.
  • The mobile number of all team members will be asked for at registration for safety reasons only. The team leaders mobile phone should be left on all day, and other mobile phones should be turned on at 19:30.

Kit Checks

  • An equipment list accompanies these rules. It is the responsibility of the team that each team member carries the essential items highlighted in the equipment list. Essential team equipment will also be carried by each team.
  • WALKING BOOTS MUST HAVE ANKLE SUPPORT. Any competitor who turns up with footwear without ankle support will be not allowed to start the event.
  • Teams will receive random kit checks through the course of the day to make sure they are still carrying all the appropriate kit. These will be carried out by the organizers of the event.

The Start

  • Fugitive teams will be dropped off at the start by bus. There will be a briefing and the teams will be told where they are and where the finish is. Each team will need to plan their own route.
  • The Scout drop off will be about 8 miles as the Crow flies from the finish, while the explorer drop off will be about 11 miles.
  • Fugitives have 60 minutes from the start before the Catchers are released – during this time no lives can be taken.
  • Fugitives must stay in their groups at all times.

Losing a life

  • Fugitive teams start with 10 lives and will lose 1 life each time they are caught by a Catcher team
  • A team is caught when the rucsack of any team member is tagged by a Catcher
  • The team then has 2 minutes to hand their life card over to the Catcher team. The penalty for not surrendering the life card is disqualification.
  • The Catcher will mark the life card with his/her team name and the time caught. The Catcher will also record the catch on his/her own card.
  • The team has 30 minutes from that time to escape any Catching team and cannot be caught again by members of the same catching team for 1 hour.

Scout Laws/Country Code

  • Sanctuary is a hike across country using public footpaths and common ground only. Remember to ‘Follow the Country Code’ at all times
  • Do not trespass on private land.
  • Any Team or Catcher found trespassing will be disqualified. If you get lost and stray onto private land, you must move off immediately. If challenged, the utmost courtesy and diplomacy is essential. Remember, you are members of the Scout Association, and should therefore act appropriately, particularly if meeting members of the public who may be worried by your presence near their property
  • All Teams are running at the discretion of their Scout / Explorer Leader who will be expected to respond to any complaints received concerning any of their team. The organisers will not accept responsibility for any Team that does not follow good Scouting or hiking practice.


  • For safety, event boundaries will be notified at the start. Any team crossing these boundaries will lose 3 Lives/be disqualified.
  • Teams should plan their routes to avoid roads. When using roads, always walk towards oncoming traffic in single file. At night, the team must shine a torch on the ground at the front and rear to warn motorists and make sure the reflective armband is visible.
  • Do not shine torches at drivers.
  • Never run down or across roads.
  • Any team accepting lifts or entering private property has retired.
  • Teams must be totally self sufficient and not receive any external help for the length of the event. Any Team or Member of a team will be DISQUALIFIED if they are caught entering or leaving Shops, Chip shops/Take aways or Petrol Stations etc
  • Railways, rivers, and motorways must be crossed using recognised crossing places only. Rivers and steams may not be waded or swum.
  • SHOOTING – Due to the time of year and the area used, PLEASE keep to public footpaths in areas of trees and open fields, this is due to private shooting and is extremely dangerous.


During the event, Team Members can retire, providing that the Team strength does not fall below 4, and the retiring members have been safely picked up by the organisers or a catching team. Any Team wishing to retire a member will lose a life and will be given 30 minutes catcher-free time. However, this must not prevent a team from retiring a member who is in difficulty. In event of whole team retirement, the team MUST notify the Organizers by using the emergency numbers provided on the team card, and can ONLY go home after being permitted by the Organizers. Scratch Teams may be constructed after discussion with the organisers.

The Finish

  • All teams must finish between 19:30 and 20:00
  • Catching stops at 19:30
  • Any Team finishing before 19:30 may still be caught.
  • Any Team finishing after 19:50 hrs will loose one life per minute (or part minute). Teams finishing after 20:00 will not be included in the results.
  • Any team still out at 20:00 is automatically retired and will be collected and taken to the finish directly – there is no option to continue walking.