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Current Sixes
Idris Kh Sixer
Xanda Ho Seconder
Arthur Co
Jack Ba
Elia Cr
Samuel Ho
Ashley Ya
Liam Be Sixer
Ben O' Seconder
Charlie Ev
Joseph La
George Al
Henry Lo
Chengzong Su Sixer
Thomas Ga Seconder
Samuel Ma
Joseph Al
Max Wo
Clara Dr Sixer
Danny Ba Seconder
Edward Jo
Toby Wa
Erin Mo
Rayan Ta
Athena Ho
Evangeline Me Sixer
Thomas Wo Seconder
Noa Za
Sam Vi
William Pa
Lily Ha
James La


Broompark Wide Games

Date: 20-06-2024
  • Parent notes:

YL's night

Date: 27-06-2024
  • Parent notes:

Sixer's Night

Date: 04-07-2024
  • Parent notes:

Splish Splash

Date: 11-07-2024
  • Parent notes:

End of Term

Date: 18-07-2024
  • Parent notes:

Additional Events

All signups are via OSM.

Start dateEventsExtra details
06/06/2024Rafted Open Canoeing Session 1
07/06/2024Cubboree 2024
13/06/2024Rafted Open Canoeing Session 2
16/06/2024Bake Sale