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Current Sixes
Samuel Ze Sixer
Archie Ga Seconder
Noah Br
Samuel Ja
Riley Mo Sixer
James Gr Seconder
Oscar Sc
William Ha
Thomas O'
Alfie Ba Sixer
Caitriona Ev Seconder
Caitlyn Sa
Aidan Th
Liam Be
Samuel St Sixer
Mille Be Seconder
Oliver Da
Finn Wi
Noah Do
Louis Dr Sixer
Benjamin Wo Seconder
Daniel Mc
Leo Li
Evangeline Me
Ethan Ch Senior Sixer


What’s for dinner?

Date: 26-05-2022
  • Parent notes:

Half-term Break - No Meeting

Date: 02-06-2022
  • Parent notes:

Basic fires

Date: 09-06-2022
  • Parent notes:

Chip Shop Survey

Date: 16-06-2022
  • Parent notes:

All About Tents

Date: 23-06-2022
  • Parent notes:

Camp Basics

Date: 30-06-2022
  • Parent notes:

Rock the Boat

Date: 07-07-2022
  • Parent notes:

End of Year Meeting

Date: 14-07-2022
  • Parent notes:

Additional Events

All signups are via OSM.

Start dateEventsExtra details
14/05/2022Pete Swinney 2022
28/05/2022Camp Under the Stars
28/05/2022Moor House Activities
02/07/2022Cubboree 2022