PEAK 2015 Aerial Photo - Approx 6000 people in this photograph

Peak Camp -19th Durham’s first foray into international camping.

After heavy traffic and a very noisy journey, it was a mad rush to eat and make the opening ceremony to start the camp.  It was amazing how many people were actually on site and how many different countries were represented.

Sunday started slowly and gave the Scouts time to explore the site. Excitement built up when everyone was told the Bear Grylls was appearing; he arrived by helicopter, paraded into the arena and encouraged all the Scouts to enjoy the camp and not to let the liquid sunshine spoil their fun before flying out to another Scouting event. Activities opened at lunchtime and the Scouts promptly vanished to take part in some of the many activities available.

The weather on Monday and Tuesday was damp but didn’t stop the Scouts having fun. On Monday the Scouts won the sub camp tug of war, despite some tough opposition. The adventure course was particularly popular and the Scouts were seen flying past on the zip wire. The sub camp team were amazed when the first challenge sheet was completed – the first one from all 6000 Scouts on site.

Wednesday saw better weather and a frantic start and the Scouts were out and ready for a day’s walking adventure by 8.30am. The older Scouts walked up onto Kinder and saw the wrecks of the second world war planes, some went walking and  weaselling ( ask them, they’ll explain) and some completed a walk around Chatsworth and helped to build a bridge on the estate.

Thursday was even more frantic as Scouts rushed out to take part in sailing, bush craft and mountain biking, returning at lunchtime eating and dashing out to join in other events.

Friday was hot and sunny and Scouts seemed to be tiring and enjoying activities at a much slower pace! Friday evening was the closing ceremony. It was quite dramatic seeing all the flags being lowered and the taking part in the event. The DJ had the arena jumping and the fire jugglers were fantastic, the countdown from 10 led to a spectacular firework display to end the camp in style.

The success of the camp was highlighted by the words as the Scouts climbed onto the mini-bus – “ This has been fantastic, what’s next, it’s Confido isn’t it?”

Unfortunately due to the nature of the camp, we were unable to get pictures of scouts taking part in all the activities. There are some images attached however of communal events.

PEAK also ran their own Newspaper “PEAK POST” for the week.

We took around 400 pictures over the week, we have posted a selection here but the rest can all be viewed at this link.