19th Durham Scouts and Neville’s Cross Explorers were away on their first joint camp this weekend, with 22 young people taking part. 

We spent the weekend at our local county scout campsite, Moor House Adventure Centre. This is a fantastic venue that we’re really fortunate to have right on our doorstep. The County team run an amazing selection of events at Moor House involving hundreds of young people camping all at once, so it was great that our younger Scouts were able to explore the site and find their bearings while it was slightly quieter.

A scout tomahawk throwing with an axe in the targetScouts started the weekend learning how to use axes and saws safely so they could keep our fire going – they were very glad of this in the evening when it started to get a little chilly! They also tackled crate stacking, working together in teams to get as high as possible before the crates fell with a crash. Our Scout record for the weekend was 11 crates high, while Explorers took gold with 15. Neither was quite enough to beat the previous leader record of 19, but it was pretty close!

We also made use of some of the other on-site activities, with Scouts having a go at archery and tomahawks, while Explorers did air-rifle shooting. We definitely have some aspiring marksmen! Both sections also had a go on our cave bus – a converted coach full of tunnels to crawl through which was thankfully drier than a real cave.Scouts chopping wood with hand axes during camp

It was great to have our young people back out again learning key skills and having fun, and our Explorers were great role models for our Scouts. We’re super excited for what the rest of 2022 will bring (hopefully less rain and mud than we had here!) – keep an eye out for our announcement about summer camp!


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