What Happened?

Scouts embarked on a day trip to North Yorkshire to go caving. With an early start, there wasn’t much enthusiasm, along with some pre-caving nerves. Soon the bus was alive with loud, smelly scouts and we were on the two hour journey to Ingleton, N. Yorkshire.

A Scout Elbow DeepWe arrived at the caves with 1000 questions being passed around, “What will it be like?”, “Is it dark?”, “Will I get wet?”. Scouts were given the necessary equipment and instructed on its purpose. After a short time we were off to the cave.


A lot of fun was had within the caves. Scouts got very wet, cold and tired but they were all smiling at the end, with one scouting shouting “Today was Epic!”. .

Quite a few pictures below, feel free to take them. Some of the images are not great quality but I have uploaded them anyway to demonstrate the atmosphere underground.