Our scouts attended the Districts Annual Raft Race were we competed for the coveted trophy to hang in the hall.

The scouts had to overcome the first challenge of building a raft using poles, barrels, rope and their experience. This year we were also challenged to construct a boat out of cardboard and duct tape: what could possibly go wrong?

The event started well with poles being lashed together followed by the barrels being attached with some dubious looking knots. I think we should have known the outcome when Titanic was bantered about as a name. The scouts got kitted out in old clothes, buoyancy aids and helmets, just in case the build was not as solid as they thought and the rafts were duly launched into the river: on scrambled our eager scouts only to find those pesky barrels had a mind of their own and wanted to go in the opposite direction to the raft. Probably best not to ask the fate of the cardboard raft, but I will say it did get further than the ones we constructed out of poles and barrels.

Needless to say none of the rafts made it around the course and the scouts got very wet. All who took part had a great evening with lots of laughs along the way, I think it is fair to say the event was a huge success. Well done to those attending as our attendance goes toward the district trophy at the end of the year.

Congratulations to Coxhoe who won the event this year! A big thank you to District for putting on the event and to all the leaders who made the evening possible.