Recently, the scout section went on a weekend away in the Cheviots, to a small cottage called Chesters.

Chesters is a small cottage approx 1 hour from the nearest road, with no electricity and fresh water fed from two local springs. Then remote location of the cottage makes it an ideal retreat for scouts to get away from the usual high-tech life they normally lead. With no phone signal and no power, what will they do???

Well, scouts took an active part in a navigation weekend, arriving at Chesters on Friday night, settling in and planning Saturdays walk there was no time to rest. A reasonable distance walk on Saturday was enjoyed by everyone with the scorching weather, sun cream was an absolute necessity. Sunday scouts had a similar day with a self led walk finishing back at the roadside ready for pick-up.

Everyone demonstrated good navigation skills, with an ability to lead their fellow scouts on the hills. All below 500m of course. Some images below. All images can be viewed at this link for a limited time.