Please find all the necessary information for the weekend at Hawkhirst below…

Dates: 15th, 16th, 17th February 2019

Arrival: The Scouts will travelling to the campsie via Minibus therefore please meet at the Scout Hut on Friday 15th February. Please meet at the Scout hut for 6:15pm for a 6:30pm departure. Can we ask all Scouts travel in their Scout shirt and necker with sensible lower half. Trainers should be worn for travelling and their boots to hand for an easy change upon arrival

Departure: Parents will receive a text when we are leaving the campsite and when we are approximately 30 minutes away from the Scout Hut. We aim to be back at the Hut for approximately 4pm

Kit List: Please see the kit list attached below

Weather: If the weather is anything like last year it will be cold so we ask if you make sure your Scout has the appropriate amount of clothing to keep warm throughout the weekend

Nuts/Dietary Requirements: We have not been made aware of any severe allergies such as nuts or any special diets, if this is incorrect, please let us know ASAP

Medication: Any prescribed medication should be discussed with a leader before leaving, if you are happy for your Scout to hold and administer their own medication, this is fine, but we must be made aware of every dose taken. If you would prefer us to hold and monitor medication, please give us clear written instructions.

Something Sweet: Could we kindly ask that everyone comes with a donation of something sweet. We have 22 attending so tray bake style items work better than cupcakes but any donation is greatly received. (This maybe used for Saturday night’s dessert)

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