The Great Escape

“The Great Escape”…

Back in Novemeber, the Young Leaders took charge of an evening with the Cub Pack and decided to test the Cubs creative skills by doing stop start animation. This involves the Cubs moving objects very slighly and then taking a picture after each movement. Once that is done, all the photos are put together in the post production stage to create the film, which was completed by the Young Leaders.

The Cubs had to work together and create the characters, sets, storylines and use their photography skills to produce this film. The Cubs throughly enjoyed the activity and wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to the Young Leaders for planning the activity.

Follow this link to see what “The Great Escape” meant to the different groups.

Wellbeing and Resilience

On the 7th February the Cubs had a special guest, Liz Scott, who taught the Cubs about wellbeing and resilience. She led a few exercises with them on what resilience is and the factors that deteriorate resilience.

The night’s activities was some different for the Cubs and gave them a different way of thinking as they may have not thought in this mindset before.

The Cubs played a game to show why mistakes can be brilliant and how their brains can make connections whilst they are searching for the right answer – almost like a web of wool. Liz then showed them how to explore their comfort zones and how to get of them. Finally, Liz asked the Cubs to write down what they thought would make them more resilient on superhero capes which was then pasted onto some figures.

To finish off the meeting, the Cub pack welcomed 6 new Cubs and their Leader, Bagheera.

From all Leaders and members of 19th Durham Scout Group we would like to give those people a warm welcome and wish them luck in the future.

To see the photos from Liz Scott’s evening click the link HERE

Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig

2019 marks the year of the Pig and the Cubs decided to celebrate this occasion in style…

Traditionally there is a lion dance which takes place on this special day. The Lion dance mimic’s a lion’s movement in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune. To begin the Cubs were split into their sixes and had a go at doing this traditional dance. The Cubs used a foam ball to represent the head of the Lion. They had lots of fun dancing around the hut and working as a pack to mimic a lion’s movement.

Then after all that moving about the Cubs made some dragon puppets and models out of various materials. Even the Leaders got invovled and made a dragon head which ended up in the whole Cub pack in a long Dragon Dance.

To finish off the evening, the Cubs tried some Chinese snacks using chopsticks and each Cub left with a red envelope containing a lucky coin.

See the link HERE for the photos from the evening

Really Useful Night at Cubs

Last week the Cubs had a hands on experience with various “really useful” skills. With the help from a couple of parent volunteers alongside the Cub Leaders the Cubs were able to put on plasters, change a light bulb, put batteries into torches, lighting candles, sewing on buttons and several more experiences.

The experiences which the Cubs have learnt last week will definitely help them inside of Scouting but also in everyday life

To see some photos from the night please follow this link HERE

Night At Beamish 2018

Last weekend brought an adventure for our Beavers and Cubs at Beamish.

On Saturday morning we got on our first tram ride down to the town then we saw lots of exciting shops, some businesses and of course the sweet shop. Some of our Beavers were even luckily enough to see some sweets being made and try a sample! They were super tasty!

After lunch we went on the steam train and the conductor blew the whistle for us. Then we moved onto the fairground. No surprise at all the Cubs and Beavers (and some of the Leaders) were more entertained by rolling down the hill. We each had a go of one of the games on offer; some won lollipops whereas others won a coconut.

After a fun filled day it was tea time…FISH AND CHIPS!!!

Going into the night we had a night hike around Beamish with Simon then some wide games, a campfire and songs then hot chocolate and biscuits before bed. All the Beavers and Cubs were very tired by the end of the day to much relief to the Leaders who were also super tired.

Once everyone had caught some sleep it was up and ready for today’s adventure. We got the opportunity to watch all the Trams and Buses getting ready for their busy day and one of our Cubs even got to change the tracks for the trams. After we saw this we had a little walk to the tram stop then went to Pockerly. Once we got there we saw another steam train and had a little ride on it unfortunately by the end of our little steam train ride it was time to head home.

We hope all the Beavers and Cubs enjoyed their overnight stay at Beamish and didn’t eat all their sweets at once! Until the next Beaver and Cub adventure…



Please find attached the photos from the weekend HERE or click the image below.

Cubs Halloween Games

Here are a few photos of the mess we made at Cubs this week. Cubs did apple bobbing, finding sweets in flour, assembling a scary skeleton, decorating gingerbread zombies and stuck their hands into some horrible witches’ potion ingredients. At the end they had a toilet roll mummy-making competition…


Cub Water Day – 2nd July

This weekend, we’ve been to the annual Cub Water Day at Maiden Castle. The cubs had a chance to do some rafting, kayaking and canoeing along with some water-based activities on land, such as throwing rescue lines and water rockets. There are some photos of the event below.


Cub Camp – West Hall March 2016

Here are a few photos from our weekend camp at West Hall. Our camp was loosely (!) based on espionage. On Friday evening, the Cubs had a wide game where they found a set of clues that had been left for them around the site. Once decoded, the clues told us that we were being sent on an assignment to France in the morning.

As if by magic, a French flag was on the flagpole on Saturday morning, and we had a continental breakfast, before washing up and learning some French phrases vital to our mission (le nom c’est Bond, James Bond etc…). We headed to the beach for lunch, an investiture and an ice cream, returning via the park. When we got back to camp, the Cubs prepared gratin dauphinois for dinner, had an international quiz to help with their secret assignment. In the evening we played some more wide games and had a joint campfire with 22nd South Shields Cubs who were also staying at West Hall over the weekend.

During Saturday night we travelled on the sleeper train to India (it’s a very fast train!). We happened to arrive just in time to celebrate the traditional Hindu festival of Holi during which everybody goes out into the street and throws coloured powder paint at eachother. Obviously, being undercover agents we had to blend in. The Cubs made their own bin bag overalls and were provided with some gloves and shoe covers (more because they looked funny than for any health and safety reasons!). We went out to throw the paint and by the time we’d finished cleaning up, it was time for lunch, where some Indian treats were provided alongside the more traditional camp lunch of sandwiches!

The weather held out for us and everybody had a great time even if they did go home a slightly strange colour…it’s now Tuesday and Akela is still finding patches of green on his arms!

Durham Climbing Centre

This week all the Cubs had a chance to try bouldering at the climbing centre. For some this was their first time, while others are regular climbers. Everybody learnt some basic techniques before being allowed to try a range of walls at the centre. Here are some photos – this is an exercise in identifying your Cub from the back of their head! Akela’s photography skills need some work…