Cubs Halloween Games

Here are a few photos of the mess we made at Cubs this week. Cubs did apple bobbing, finding sweets in flour, assembling a scary skeleton, decorating gingerbread zombies and stuck their hands into some horrible witches’ potion ingredients. At the end they had a toilet roll mummy-making competition…


Cub Water Day – 2nd July

This weekend, we’ve been to the annual Cub Water Day at Maiden Castle. The cubs had a chance to do some rafting, kayaking and canoeing along with some water-based activities on land, such as throwing rescue lines and water rockets. There are some photos of the event below.


Cub Camp – West Hall March 2016

Here are a few photos from our weekend camp at West Hall. Our camp was loosely (!) based on espionage. On Friday evening, the Cubs had a wide game where they found a set of clues that had been left for them around the site. Once decoded, the clues told us that we were being sent on an assignment to France in the morning.

As if by magic, a French flag was on the flagpole on Saturday morning, and we had a continental breakfast, before washing up and learning some French phrases vital to our mission (le nom c’est Bond, James Bond etc…). We headed to the beach for lunch, an investiture and an ice cream, returning via the park. When we got back to camp, the Cubs prepared gratin dauphinois for dinner, had an international quiz to help with their secret assignment. In the evening we played some more wide games and had a joint campfire with 22nd South Shields Cubs who were also staying at West Hall over the weekend.

During Saturday night we travelled on the sleeper train to India (it’s a very fast train!). We happened to arrive just in time to celebrate the traditional Hindu festival of Holi during which everybody goes out into the street and throws coloured powder paint at eachother. Obviously, being undercover agents we had to blend in. The Cubs made their own bin bag overalls and were provided with some gloves and shoe covers (more because they looked funny than for any health and safety reasons!). We went out to throw the paint and by the time we’d finished cleaning up, it was time for lunch, where some Indian treats were provided alongside the more traditional camp lunch of sandwiches!

The weather held out for us and everybody had a great time even if they did go home a slightly strange colour…it’s now Tuesday and Akela is still finding patches of green on his arms!

Durham Climbing Centre

This week all the Cubs had a chance to try bouldering at the climbing centre. For some this was their first time, while others are regular climbers. Everybody learnt some basic techniques before being allowed to try a range of walls at the centre. Here are some photos – this is an exercise in identifying your Cub from the back of their head! Akela’s photography skills need some work…


Pets at Home

The Cubs visited Pets at Home last week and learned all about looking after a pet. They got up close and personal with rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes and a bearded dragon, learning what they eat and what equipment is needed to look after them. Apologies if they’ve been pestering you for a new pet now! Here are some photos from the evening.



Fireworks, Bandages and Mummies…

We had a busy night at Cubs this week, culminating in a spooky competition to turn one member of each Six into the scariest Mummy they could manage, using just one toilet roll. We did some useful stuff too (learning how to bandage wounds) but Akela only took photos of the silly bit. Here are the results…

Cub Camp – Raven Gill – Oct 2015

A selection of photos from our weekend at Raven Gill Campsite. We’ve been on the train to Whitby, played on the beach, visited the lifeboat museum, had a boat ride, eaten chips, hugged a minion, played wide games, sung campfire songs and been for an adventure in the North York Moors National Park. A busy weekend!

Cub Water Day

Last weekend was the District Water Day. Our Cubs had a great day trying rafting, kayaking, canoeing, along with some land-based (but still wet!) activities. The day’s activities get the Cubs a Time on the Water staged badge and contribute to the Nautical Skills badge too. Here are a few photos of the day.

Outdoor Cooking

We did some outdoor cooking at Cubs last week. We made cakes in orange skins wrapped in foil (very successful) and cooked some pizzas (perhaps not as successful!). This all counted towards the Backwoods Cooking badge. As always with any sort of cooking, the Cubs made a terrific mess, but enjoyed the evening. Apologies if they still smell of smoke!