Thanks to everyone who supported the Valentines Day raffle. The funds raised will go towards the scouts trip to Kandersteg, Switzerland in the Summer. The extra funds are vital to add the extra finishing touches to what we know will be a once in a life time trip for some of our young people. 

We had a variety of prizes as part of the raffle, all donated by either individuals or local businesses. 

PlaceTicket NumberDescriptionName on Ticket
1st01547Seaham Hall Voucher (Donated by Advantex)Barbara
2nd00323Laphroaig (Donated by Advantex)Vince – Stonebridge
3rd02189Moor House VoucherChris – Darlington
4th02318Famous GrouseTeaswood – Advantex
5th02627Gin (Donated by Tesco)Will G
6th01979MalibuD Sample – Advantex
7th01155Duvet Set (Donated by Tesco)S O’Connell – Advantex
8th02715Disney Plush ToyShuttleworth
9th02585Garden Robin BoxMrs Sue
10th00066Glen KeithP Morgan