At 19th Durham we currently operate a waiting list. Our waiting list is a combined list for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. If your young person ages out of a section e.g. beavers they are automatically considered for the next age bracket, no need to restart the wait.

How big is the waiting list?
The number of young people currently on our waiting list is…


This number is all young people from 1 day to 17 years and 364 days.

Is any section waiting list busier?
As this is a combined list you can get a feel of the age distribution below…

  • Pre-Beavers – 0yrs-6yrs
  • Beavers – 6yrs – 8yrs
  • Cubs – 8yrs – 10.5yrs
  • Scouts 10.5yrs – 14yrs
  • Explorers – 14yrs – 18yrs

Can I check my young person is definitely on the list?

It is now possible to check your young person is on our list using the simple form below. Please search by surname and hit enter/search. This form will only show we have their details and not where on the list they are. If a leader has entered a predicted start date, this may also be shown.

Join our waiting list!
We currently operate an extensive waiting list, so it may be useful to look at other groups in the district, these can be found on the district website here.

Use the form below to add your child’s details to our waiting list.

Young Person Details:

Parent/Guardian Details:

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