On the 7th February the Cubs had a special guest, Liz Scott, who taught the Cubs about wellbeing and resilience. She led a few exercises with them on what resilience is and the factors that deteriorate resilience.

The night’s activities was some different for the Cubs and gave them a different way of thinking as they may have not thought in this mindset before.

The Cubs played a game to show why mistakes can be brilliant and how their brains can make connections whilst they are searching for the right answer – almost like a web of wool. Liz then showed them how to explore their comfort zones and how to get of them. Finally, Liz asked the Cubs to write down what they thought would make them more resilient on superhero capes which was then pasted onto some figures.

To finish off the meeting, the Cub pack welcomed 6 new Cubs and their Leader, Bagheera.

From all Leaders and members of 19th Durham Scout Group we would like to give those people a warm welcome and wish them luck in the future.

To see the photos from Liz Scott’s evening click the link HERE